I Can Lead Leadership Assessment

Determine your commitment to uncover your leadership capability...

When asked to think of a great, inspirational leader, why is it that we seldomly think of ourselves? I know many of you have a sincere desire to lead, but you allow credentials, titles, positions, and any other excuse to limit you. What if I told you that you have the capacity and capability to be an effective leader? What if I told you that you are wired to lead?

Perhaps you are taking this assessment in hopes of gaining some clarity or direction. You are taking the first step to discovering the keys to becoming an effective leader in your spheres of influence. This is exactly why I’ve created the I Can Lead Leadership AssessmentIn less than 15 minutes you’ll not only discover your areas of strength, but you will also be able to identify areas where you have an opportunity to further develop in order to become the leader you desire to be.

As you thoughtfully consider each statement, please select the rating that honestly reflects where you are now. Once you've submitted your responses, you will receive a summary of your results and some of my personal recommendations based on where you are on your path to accepting your responsibility to lead.

0 = Not at all true of me

1 = Very untrue of me

2 = Mostly untrue of me

3 = Moderately untrue of me

4 = Slightly untrue of me

5 = Neutral (Not true nor untrue of me)

6 = Slightly true of me

7 = Moderately true of me

8 = Mostly true of me

9 = Very true of me

10 = Completely true of me

I. Leadership Vision

1. I have a compelling vision of the leader I aspire to be and a clear sense of purpose for my role as a leader.

2. I am able to articulate a collective vision for our organization in a way that inspires others to a higher level of contribution.

3. I have clearly defined personal and organizational goals that I review regularly to keep me focused and moving toward my vision.

4. I am a consistent high performer and regularly meet my own expectations in my realms of responsibility.

II. Leadership Mindset

1. I am confident in my ability to effectively lead others to accomplish a shared goal.

2. I have mastered the inner critic and have strategies for motivating and moving myself forward.

3. I have clearly defined my core values and they are visibly exemplified in my day-to-day leadership.

4. I have strategies for maintaining a positive mindset that enables me to be an example to my team.

III. Leadership Brand

1. I have developed a strong leadership brand that has increased my personal, professional and organizational value.

2. I am aware of my strengths and weakness and have a written plan for increasing my leadership effectiveness.

3. I effectively manage the customer/service experience and consistently exceed our customer's expectations.

4. I consistently demonstrate authenticity in my leadership through increasing self-awareness and self-knowledge.

IV. Leadership Value

1. I understand the unique value of my role and how my work supports the mission and vision of the organization.

2. I acknowledge a deeper purpose behind my work and leadership that is fulfilling and impacting.

3. I make quality decisions driven by my core values and in alignment with the values of my organization.

4. I understand our ideal customer and continually work to provide greater value to improve customer loyalty.

V. Leadership Culture

1. I am 100% satisfied with the degree to which my culture reflects my vision.

2. I have developed methods to consistently measure how my leadership effectiveness is impacting my organization.

3. I have a plan for continuing to develop a culture of interdependence, collaboration and continual improvement.

4. I have a plan for developing leaders, understanding that effective leadership is a critical component in achieving business strategies.

VI. Your Commitment Level (1 = Not At All Committed to 10 = Highly Committed)

1. I am ready to discover what I need to do to take my leadership to the next level

2. I am open to investing in the support and guidance I need to make my business more profitable.

3. I highly value the offer of a complimentary Business Acceleration Session and, if eligible, I will book one soon.

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